Mission of our Guild

It is hoped that Orion Knights will be a guild that Specializes in all aspects of CrowFall.

This guild will be open to accepting new players, help them develop there skills and hope that some will stay as they develop their character. This guild will focus on group play but everyone, regardless of skill level or play style will be welcome. This is going to be a guild that focuses on having fun first. Winning will also be a goal of ours and if we practice working together and as a team then I believe winning can be achieved and if not then we will have fun trying.

Please leave a reply with comments, questions or suggestions.


Please leave a reply with comments, questions or suggestions.

Guild Officers Wanted

I’m looking for guild officers to dedicate there time to help make this guild a success and fun for all. The officers will be required to politely remind others of our rules of conduct when broken and to report any gross misconduct to myself when more than just a polite reminder is needed. It is hoped that each officer will sponsor schedule group activities at a very minimum of 2 per month. 1 for generating resources for the guild and the other to help players  progress their character, lead PVP or PVE hunts or some activity to just have fun. For example the PVP Officer might schedule a monster hunt at 8:00 every other Saturday and donate ½ or ¼ of the gained resources to guild and split the rest up with the participants while also teaching and practicing team combat. Then maybe every other Wednesday the officer will go on a group PVP hunting mission and every one keeps there own spoils of war. The exact activities cannot be determined until after the beta launch and we see how the game mechanics work.

In addition to the guild funding activities, it will be encourage to have your own fund raising activity to help support your own specialization as a officer to the guild as long as your make public to all guild members where the resources are going. For example maybe a Combat Officer will  sponsor  a resource generating activity  and use the funds to upgrade our training keeps or repair damaged taken in combat practice. Officers will also be giving rights to create and manage there own posts on our web site form if they wish.

Our Guild’s Eternal Kingdom

I am dedicating my EK to the guild and will divide it up as needed to benefit all. I have purchased a variety of strongholds  ranging from a small fort through a large castle and have a mountain citadel on lay-a-way, all dedicated to the guild. I also purchased the guild bundle so we will have a guild hall. Assuming there is going to be a maintenance cost on the strongholds, guild halls, cottages, farmland, Parcels etc… I will bring the units into the game as our guild grows and we can afford the upkeep.

Please leave a reply with comments, questions or suggestions.

My roll as Guild Master

As the founder of Orion Knights, my primary responsibility will be to ensure that this is a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. Although I will be asking help from both our guild officers and also our guild members to politely remind people of our policies when broken, I will handle the unpleasant task enforcing them. The exact procedures will always be open for discussion, but my current plans, depending on the seriousness of the offense, are to give 1 or 2 polite warning, then 1 or 2 firm warning and finely termination from the guild. I will also maintain our web site, monitor our form for spam, harassing and inappropriate posts and such.

I feel that I already have enough responsibility and don’t plan on managing the guild myself with the exception of ensuring that it will always welcome anyone that’s willing to follow our code of conduct. I will recruit officers to run the guild who will do so with its members best interests. At first I will personally pick the officers however as the guild grows I plan on turning over the actual picking of officers to our members.

I am dedicating a character and it’s EK, a variety of strongholds and a guild hall among other items to the guild. I will manage our central stronghold and it’s parcel for all guild members to use. I currently plan to make this parcel open to the pubic with PVP turned off but this may change as we see how the game mechanics work and what the community wants and needs. I will assign the other parcels of this EK to our Officers as needed for there use in supporting the guild. I’m also going to dedicate my 2nd account’s EK to the guild. I’m thinking of making it a huge PVP arena and harvesting area but this will actually be up to the guild members as how to best use it. My 2nd character however will be for my own enjoyment and won’t belong to the guild but it will be one of it’s members and also subjects to our code of conduct. I have secured 3 years of web hosting and have created this site for our guild. I plan on expanding and making it better and more useful for the guild as time goes by. The site currently has a form where our officers and the community can communicate with each other.



A place for discussing combat.

Our guild will need a communication App. to coordinate our combat tactics and to just talk among ourselves. We may purchase a channel on team speak but for now I made a channel on Discord named Orion Knights. It is hoped to recruit some officers to lead us as a coordinated combat team. I personally Sux at this so I will be a solider and leave combat leadership to others.

Please use this post to talk about combat.