Guild Officers Wanted

I’m looking for guild officers to dedicate there time to help make this guild a success and fun for all. The officers will be required to politely remind others of our rules of conduct when broken and to report any gross misconduct to myself when more than just a polite reminder is needed. It is hoped that each officer will sponsor schedule group activities at a very minimum of 2 per month. 1 for generating resources for the guild and the other to help players  progress their character, lead PVP or PVE hunts or some activity to just have fun. For example the PVP Officer might schedule a monster hunt at 8:00 every other Saturday and donate ½ or ¼ of the gained resources to guild and split the rest up with the participants while also teaching and practicing team combat. Then maybe every other Wednesday the officer will go on a group PVP hunting mission and every one keeps there own spoils of war. The exact activities cannot be determined until after the beta launch and we see how the game mechanics work.

In addition to the guild funding activities, it will be encourage to have your own fund raising activity to help support your own specialization as a officer to the guild as long as your make public to all guild members where the resources are going. For example maybe a Combat Officer will  sponsor  a resource generating activity  and use the funds to upgrade our training keeps or repair damaged taken in combat practice. Officers will also be giving rights to create and manage there own posts on our web site form if they wish.

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